Saturday, October 18, 2008

Time flys

As I take a minute to stop and breath another month has flown by without any time to write on my blog. Here is the month in review. Work, children being taxied to and from soccer, piano and friends homes. Courtney has been playing in soccer games and has about 4 more games to go in the fall season. Kirsten is doing piano and loving it. She is always busy trying to earn money. She is sewing in school and loving that. She has already sewed a pillow case and a pillow that is a big foot. She is working on sewing an apron right now. Gavin is struggling to read and is very busy boy. His teacher says that he gets frusturated and then he just shuts down and wont even try. When hes not trying he is bothering those around him. I guess that he should have waited until he was one year older to start school. As a parent sometimes the right thing isn't always forseen and done. Hes a good kid just loves to play...Rylie our youngest is three and she is very important. She resently shopping with her dad when she put a hat in the store and looked at her dad with her hands on her hips and her hair tucked behind her ears and sayed, " look at me I'm scott". She loves to be the center of attention. She is going potty in the toilet when she wants to. Which means that she wears a pull up and still has a problem if she is busy playing to stop and go potty. Potty training is difficult.
This to will pass and when its does we will look back and wish for the times when they were young. Its seems to go too fast.