Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Christmas Season

Today is a day to reflect on all that has been done for me and my family through out the last year. We are so blessed to have good family and friends that are there for us. I have great love and appreciation for all the people that are so giving. I would like to make a New years resolution to be better in this area. I have lots of good examples around me to help me be a better person. Now as far as my day has gone it started off with a "bang" literally. I tried out for a special swat team and was running through the snow and shooting a pistol, shotgun and a rifle to qualify. I came in second place and feel pretty good about it. The best part was how fun it was even in the freezing cold at 7 a.m. at 13 degrees. Having people evaluate how you react in highly stressful situations. It was a "blast" and hopefully I get to be apart of the team before too long?
It has been quiet in my house because my sister and brother in law took our 3 oldest children and have had them at their house in ogden for the last 4 days. Too bad that Scott and I couldn't have been there to enjoy the fun that they have been having. Thanks to the Palmers for making my childrens holiday so.ooooo good. We hope that all our family and friends have a good christmas and enjoy there holidays with the ones they love....... Merry Christmas

Don't forget to put out oats for the reindeer and cookies for santa!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The worst day ever!

Well lets just say that I am glad that yesterday was in the past cause I don't want to experience another day like it for a long time.
It started at about 10:00 p.m. when I went into work to run with a couple of guys that are wanting to get into shape as I am. I arrived at work to find a female waiting for me to change and move up. Which is okay cause I now get paid for going to work out.
As I ran I tried to keep up with Doug and Engelstead but couldn't do it. Let's just say that they were running slow to try not to leave me behind. Then as we got closer to the jail three cedar city cop cars go by and drive into the jail. Not a good sign but okay because its my day off (I get to go home.) As I am seconds from getting into my car and going home Iron county sherriffs vehicle drives in and rolls down his window and asks if I will accept a female before I go. So I turn around and go back into work. This was about 11:00 p.m. I ended up accepting 3 females all into the jail and by this time it is 12:30 p.m. I run to my car and start driving home. I get about 2 miles from the jail and I see lights on and a cedar city police car behind me. Well I know that I have a head light out so when he gets up to the window and recognizes me he is disappointed that he knows who I am and he doesn't have any stats to add to his record. He tells me not to be driving around after dark until I get it fixed. I'm alittle frustrated but know that I am closer to my end goal which is "SLEEP". I get home and quickly take a shower. As soon as I get out of the shower my cell phone rings and I as an idiot I answer it. Once again I am asked to come accept another female into the jail. I hurry and slap some make-up on and drive to the jail with my hair still wet and no bra on but with a coat over my shirt to cover it up hoping that I don't get pulled over again for the headlight that's still out. I get to the jail and end up having to take the inmate to the hospital and wait why she trys to pee in a cup for 3 hrs. I get home at 5:oo a.m. Exhausted and frustrated cause my only goal was to get some sleep and it didn't happen.
I wake up at 9:30 to the next part of my horrible day. Its the principle of Gavins school. "Crap"

I slept right through the alarm clock and the two phones by me. Scott trys to call me at 8:15 so that I can get Gavin to school. Its very hard for me because I usually am just getting into a deep sleep. So scott had been calling and I think I vaguely remember talking to him and telling him that I'm getting up. As soon as I hang up the phone I drift back into sleep. So now when I answer the phone and its the principle I am upset because Gavin is downstairs sleeping right through school. I understand that he needs to be in school and I know that I need to be better but I just don't know what to do? Any way the principle is trying to be nice but basically told me that I was setting him up for failure and that he will always be struggling in school if he is not there. He has missed 12 days of school in about 4 months. One week he had strep throat and was very sick but the other 6 days have been unfortunately due too my lack of sleep and exhaustion that takes over and I just can't get up to get him to school. Any way I sound like a bumbling idiot and hang up the phone feeling like the worst mother ever. As I'm crying I dial my husbands cell phone and try to tell him what just happened. Hes upset cause I didn't get gavin to school and I'm upset because my feelings have been hurt and I need some support. Anyway so he says that he will come get Gavin and take him to school for me. At this point both kids are up and wondering why their "psycho" mom is crying. I am not a very happy person when I am tired and so my day starts off with a bad head ache and a splotchy face from crying and feeling sorry for my self. I try to clean as I'm getting ready for the day knowing of all the things that need to be done and errands to be run. The rest of the day was one bad thing after another happening. Nothing too major just little things like locking the kids out of the house accidentally, having to drive to courtneys school twice for her violin. Driving out to parowan which is 20 minutes from cedar to take a meal to someone from my work. ( I'm on the employee's association for the Iron county sheriffs) Trying to get pictures on a CD for the sheriffs party which I'm suppose to be helping with and getting a "dump" headlight so that I don't keep getting pulled over. I had to run Courtney to a soccer work out and then she had to play her violin at another wards christmas party. Then she needed to be taken to a wrestling match for points in one of her classes at school. Needless to say by about 8:30 p.m. I am exhausted and crawl into bed knowing that I'm suppose to be running at 10:00 p.m. (I didn't make it) I'm not good at writing down my words and so alot has been left out and not worded right. I am hoping that their are mothers out there who feel the way I do. Or maybe I am just crazy and can't see it.
I am hoping that I never have a day like yesterday but look at when I wrote this post. Its 4:00 a.m. and I can't sleep. I slept from about 8:30 to 2:00 and now have been up for awhile. Its very upsetting when you should be sleeping and are not.
I know that I would deal with situations better and be a better mom if I could get some"sleep".
Maybe it will happen tomorrow..... I am glad that the worst day ever is over........... Good night