Friday, November 21, 2008

The Fall Season

Well, the last month has been a whirl wind of stuff. Kirsten and Courtney got there braces on. Kirsten will have hers on for 16 months and Courtney will have hers on for 13 months. They were in pain the first few days and both thought that they looked ugly with them. I think that they are beautiful and braces just makes them look older to me. (which I don't like) Gavin has been running a fever for 4 days off and on. I will think that hes better and then he will get a fever again. Rylie is of course her normal important self. She always has to have her way or no way. Its getting old and shes making us crazy trying to discipline her. She won't potty train at all and I know that she can go on the potty when she wants to. She just won't do it. Its not fun and I hope that she will hurry up and decide that diapers are gross. Scott is busy and works 7 days a week and has done so for the last 2 years. What dedication he has to providing for his family. I know that I am blessed to have him. Me, well I am working and trying to watch what I eat. I started working out also. I have run for the last week about a 1.5 miles a day. It is really hard to exercise when your so out of shape and it seems that if you miss one day that you are back to the beginning. It is a constant struggle for me and I yo-yo but for now I am 12 pounds lighter and trying to lose some more.
I love this time of year and have gotten all my Christmas out. It really excites me for this special time of the year. I love the feeling of giving that can come around this holiday season. I hope that my children will feel that and know how important it is to be giving. My grandma that has passed away had given me a Christmas book that has stories and scriptures for every day in December and it is out on our coffee table ready to start reading. The kids all love to read it and we hardly ever miss a day. This has been a great tradition that I am so thankful that my grandmother took the time do for us. She has brought our family closer.
Thanksgiving is next week how fun it is to see family and eat!!!!! We get to have thanksgiving with my sister Melissa and her family on Wednesday and then we are going to St. George on Thursday for thanksgiving with my Mom and Dad and my other sisters. I am excited to visit but I know that Scott is tired and would like to just stay home. Not to mention that its not as fun when its the In-Laws........ Thank goodness that scott is easy going and a good sport. We always seem to have fun no matter the situation.
We hope that you will all have a good thanksgiving and a Happy Holiday.....