Thursday, September 18, 2008

The bake sale

Last week was a busy week but then kirsten our oldest decided that we should do a bake sale for our neighbors that during the past week adopted 4 kids from the same family. So we got busy and she made up flyers and distributed them around the neigborhood and I got busy baking. Hours later with a table and a huge sign they sat and sold yummy goodies. They did this on a weekend and earned about 75.00. Throughout this whole experience the girls learned about the power of service and how it can help others. After the bake sale Kirsten went and gave this money to the family. What a great learning experience for my family and all who helped.


Kate said...

I am so glad that they had that chance. I bet they enjoyed every minute of it.

Palmer Family said...

I'm so glad that you are blogging now!! That is such a sweet story :) To bad I didnt live closer. I would have been there to help you bake!!! Did you here any news about the Escalade? Luv ya tonz!!! your sis Melis