Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Christmas Season

Today is a day to reflect on all that has been done for me and my family through out the last year. We are so blessed to have good family and friends that are there for us. I have great love and appreciation for all the people that are so giving. I would like to make a New years resolution to be better in this area. I have lots of good examples around me to help me be a better person. Now as far as my day has gone it started off with a "bang" literally. I tried out for a special swat team and was running through the snow and shooting a pistol, shotgun and a rifle to qualify. I came in second place and feel pretty good about it. The best part was how fun it was even in the freezing cold at 7 a.m. at 13 degrees. Having people evaluate how you react in highly stressful situations. It was a "blast" and hopefully I get to be apart of the team before too long?
It has been quiet in my house because my sister and brother in law took our 3 oldest children and have had them at their house in ogden for the last 4 days. Too bad that Scott and I couldn't have been there to enjoy the fun that they have been having. Thanks to the Palmers for making my childrens holiday so.ooooo good. We hope that all our family and friends have a good christmas and enjoy there holidays with the ones they love....... Merry Christmas

Don't forget to put out oats for the reindeer and cookies for santa!!!!


Dave said...

Nice work on the SWAT tryout. I am way impressed. If I ever have trouble with anyone I know who to call! It was alot of fun having your kids, and they were the ones who made our holiday time great. We are lucky to have you all in our lives. Thanks again for the gifts. They were awesome. Merry Christmas!!

Palmer Family said...

I love the updated pictures. It has been so fun to see you guys and your family. We love ya!

Kate said...

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. Happy 2009. I am really enjoying your blog. Keep it up.